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Wrestling - Modified

2008 Record

Wins Losses Percentage
12 0 100

List of Matches

Date   Vs Recap Result TZ Opponent
Thu, 01/03/08
4:15 PM
Nanuet High School


Recap Win 54 36
Sat, 01/05/08
8:30 AM
Away Rockland Jamboree Multi-Event   Win    
Mon, 01/07/08
4:15 PM
Suffern High School


Recap Win 75 42
Wed, 01/09/08
4:15 PM
Felix Festa Blue


Recap Win 46 31
Fri, 01/11/08
4:15 PM
Horace Mann School


Recap Win 102 27
Tue, 01/15/08
4:15 PM
Haverstraw Middle School


Recap Win 82 15
Tue, 01/22/08 Away
Nyack High School


Recap Win 42 18
Tue, 01/29/08
4:15 PM
Pearl River High School


Recap Win 81 12
Thu, 01/31/08
4:30 PM
Farley Middle School


Sun, 02/03/08
7:30 AM
John Jay Cross River High School


Tue, 02/05/08
4:30 PM
East Ramapo High School


Recap Win 48 5
Thu, 02/07/08
4:15 PM
Suffern High School


Recap Win 48 43
Tue, 02/12/08
4:30 PM
Willow Grove Middle School



Match Summaries

Date / Who / Score Recap (as written by the Team staff and originally published in the TZHS web site in 2008)
Wrestling Modified vs. Nanuet High School

January 3, 2008

Win 54 - 36

The boys wrestling team had their first match of the year yesterday after working really hard in December. Led by team captains Charlie Garcia, Matt Beletti, Stephen Rosenthal, Larry Chan, and Dan Wanamaker, the boys had a strong 54- 36 win against Nanuet. Overall, there were a total of nine individual wins, eight of them coming by pin and the ninth by technical fall.

The following boys were victorious in their matches yesterday with pins: Phil Litz, Dominic Grasso, Dan Wanamaker, Bryan Mitkowski, Sony Rosenthal, Dennis Carroll, Ryan Heaton, and Charlie Garcia. Frank Caruanaalso had a huge win by beating his opponent by over 15 points. Special congratulations to all those boys who wrestled their first matches ever. Coach Moretti and Coach Rothschild are extremely proud of all of the boys for all of their hard work, dedication, and commitment. Keep up the great work.

Wrestling Modified vs. Suffern High School

January 7, 2008

Win 75 - 42

The boys wrestling team won their second consecutive match of the year after a huge weekend performance at the Rockland Wrestling Jamboree. The boys dominated Suffern, who has always been known to have one of the top wrestling programs in New York State. With a 75 -42 win, our grapplers won by more than 30 points extending their undefeated record to 2 – 0. We won 14 of the bouts, nine of them coming by pin bringing their total team wins to 63. The kids were so excited for their first home match and won a great one in a gym filled with cheering students, parents, and teachers.

One of the team philosophies imparted by Coach Moretti and Coach Rothschild is to never give up and never stop wrestling no matter what the score is. Connor Kohlbrenner demonstrated that philosophy yesterday with the most exciting bout of the afternoon. After being down by eight points, Connor knew he wasn’t going to give up and he did just that by turning the match around and pinning his opponent in the second period. That win filled everyone in that gym with energy.

Before the matches began, Coach Moretti told the boys that he didn’t see them as wrestlers or even as winners. He told them that he saw them as men and that was much bigger than being a wrestler or a winner. The end result was proof of that. Coach Moretti also told the boys after it was all over that they have come such a long way and that he and Coach Rothschild were extremely impressed and proud of yet another solid performance. Congratulations to all of the boys on another job well done.

Wrestling Modified vs. Felix Festa Blue

January 9, 2008

Win 46 - 31

Our modified wrestlers continued on their remarkable winning streak yesterday with a 46-31 victory against Felix Festa. This win improved the boys’ undefeated record to 4-0. Wins were recorded by John Toher, Charlie Garcia, Dennis Carroll, Jesse Gardner, Carlos Aponte, Connor Kohlbrenner, John Sanford, E.J. Hernandez, and Lawrence Chan. Continuing with their perfect records are Carlos Aponte, Matt Beletti, Robby Ballesteros, Charlie Garcia, and Phil Litz.

Once again, Coach Moretti and Coach Rothschild were very impressed with all of the wrestlers and their ability to pin opponents so quickly. We won nine of the bouts yesterday with six of those victories coming by pin. Charlie Garcia, Dennis Carroll, John Sanford, E.J. Hernandez, and Lawrence Chan all pinned their opponents in less than one minute. Carlos is the only undefeated 7th grader and he is improving each and every day. Coach Moretti teaches the wrestlers about the benefits of good discipline and mental toughness and Carlos demonstrates what he has learned each time he steps out on the mat. 7th grader Jesse Gardner was as equally impressive yesterday during his match. Jesse wrestled an opponent that was a bit bigger and stronger than he was, but that didn’t stop him from doing what he wanted to do. Jesse wrestled with solid technique and a big heart to overcome his opponent by pinning him in the second period.

Coach Moretti told the boys that it has been an honor to be a part of this team because of the 110% effort that is put forth each day. These boys know that the winning and losing is not the important thing. They know that it is much more about what goes into that win or loss and how they win or lose that really defines their character and who they are as wrestlers and as young men. Congratulations to all of the boys.

Wrestling Modified at Horace Mann School

January 11, 2008

Win 102 - 27

In a 3-way match on Friday evening, the boys wrestling team continued on their dominant winning streak as they outlasted Horace Mann and Scarsdale extending their perfect record to 5-0. The first place wrestlers racked up an incredible 102 team points while their two competitors scored a combined total of only 27 points. Once again, the boys dominated their opponents by winning a combined total of 21 out of 26 matches. 13 of the wins came by pin and the remaining 8 wins were by decision. A special congratulations should go out to Sony Rosenthal who won both of his matches beating two previously undefeated wrestlers.

7th grader Sergei Meyer had the most exciting bout of the evening. Sergei beat a more experienced wrestler after being down early on in the match. With only a few seconds left in the match, Sergei took his opponent down to his back and recorded an incredible victory for the Dutchmen. The fastest pins of the evening were recorded by Dennis Carroll and Robby Ballesteros both pinning their opponents in under eleven seconds. Dennis wrestled twice and won both bouts by pin. Dan Wanamaker also wrestled twice and won both of his matches. Carlos Aponte, Robby Ballesteros, Matt Beletti, Charlie Garcia, and Phil Litz continued on their undefeated streaks. 8th grader and undefeated co-captain Charlie Garcia has won all of his matches with pins.

As a team, the boys have individually racked up an incredible 93 wins in just 5 events. Coach Moretti and Coach Rothschild told the boys that they’re dedication, determination, and desire to be the best they could be has been exceptionally impressive. After the bouts were all over, Coach Moretti also told his wrestlers that he was speechless with the performance they just turned in. He said of all the wrestlers he has ever coached on the modified and high school levels that he had never seen such a complete domination on the mat. All of our 7th and 8th grade wrestlers should be commended for a job well done and an incredible performance.

Wrestling Modified at Haverstraw Middle School

January 15, 2008

Win 82 - 15

Our boys won their sixth consecutive match by defeating Haverstraw Middle School by over 60 points on Tuesday. With an 82-15 victory, the wrestlers extended their undefeated winning streak to 6 – 0. We won an astounding 15 out of 18 matches with one tie. As a result of this victory, the boys have now compiled over 100 individual wins for the team in just six events. Of the team’s 15 wins on Tuesday, 13 of them came by pin.

The quickest pins were recorded by John Sanford and E.J. Hernandez, both pinning their opponents in under 30 seconds. Undefeated seasons continue for Robby Ballesteros, Matt Beletti, Phil Litz, and Charlie Garcia. Charlie has won all of his matches with first period pins. Jesse Gardner demonstrated the desire and will to win in his match. Down by 3 points with only 20 seconds left in the match, Jesse escaped and recorded a takedown to tie the score. He fought hard to earn a well deserved draw. Coach Moretti was impressed once again with such a dominant triumph. He told his wrestlers that the strength of this team is in the team as a whole. Win, lose, or draw, these boys are always there to support each other and teach each other which has truly created a bond and winning formula for success. Congratulations to all of the wrestlers for another well deserved win.

Wrestling Modified at Felix Festa Gold

January 18, 2008

Win 41 - 26

The boys wrestling team extending their unbeaten winning streak to 7-0 with a 41-26 win against Felix Festa Gold on Friday afternoon. The boys have now racked up 118 individual wins for the team and continue on their quest for the perfect season. Although the win was not a dominant one, the boys fought hard and pulled off yet another victory for the Dutchmen. Wins were recorded by Peter Girolami, Sergei Meyer, Jordan Rinchiera, Carlos Aponte, Charlie Garcia, Frank Caruana, Phil Litz, Dan Wanamaker, and Robby Ballesteros. Undefeated streaks continue for Robby Ballesteros, Matt Beletti, Charlie Garcia, and Phil Litz.

A special congratulations should go out to Jordan Rinchiera who wrestled twice at the match. He won his first match and really wrestled like a seasoned wrestler. Great job to Jordan. Although John Miller was not victorious in his bouts, he fought like a champion and almost pulled out a victory in his second match. John should be congratulated for a job well done.

7th grader Carlos Aponte had the most exciting bout of the afternoon by pinning his opponent in the first period after almost getting pinned himself. His opponent was a more experienced 8th grader and Carlos once again demonstrated what it takes to win no matter what the score of the match is. Phil Litz had one of the quickest pins of the afternoon by pinning his opponent in 19 seconds. Phil continues on his personal quest to an undefeated season. Coach Moretti told the boys after it was all over that he was proud of them, but that the wins are not always going to be easy and exciting ones. The boys knew that this was a hard fought battle and that to win and be successful as a team, they have to always work as a unit with unconditional support to each team member.

Wrestling Modified vs. Nyack High School

January 22, 2008

Win 42 - 18

Led by most-improved 8th grader Connor Kohlbrenner, the 7th and 8th grade boys wrestling team won their 8th consecutive match yesterday against Nyack Middle School. The boys won a big one with a final team score of 42-18 which brings the boys one step closer to a perfect, undefeated season. Connor Kohlbrenner wrestled like a seasoned champion yesterday by winning both of his matches by pin. Coach Moretti commented that he was definitely the most improved wrestler on the team and that much can be learned from Connor. Congratulations to Connor for a job well done.

Also wrestling exceptionally well yesterday were 7th graders Peter Girolami and Carlos Aponte. Both boys one at least one of their matches by pin. Matt Beletti, Phil Litz, and Robby Ballesteros continue their seasons with undefeated records. One of the Tappan Zee parents approached Coach Moretti and said to him, “You must be one proud coach.” He commented that that these boys do make him proud each and every day and that they are already winners in life and are on their way to being true champions, and that it has been an honor and a pleasure to work with them this season.

Wrestling Modified vs. Pearl River High School

January 29, 2008

Win 81 - 12

With School Principal Dr. Lee cheering them on along with many other parents and spectators, the boys wrestling team extended their undefeated record to 9-0 yesterday as they turned in their best and most dominant performance of the year with an 81 – 12 win against rival Pearl River. The day started with a huge win by 7th grader Ryan Heaton. Ryan received one of the outstanding wrestler honors with a 7-4 decision against his opponent. Coach Moretti told all the wrestlers that Ryan was deserving of this honor because of his ability to learn a new technique and apply it in a match. Team captain Charlie Garcia also received outstanding wrestler honors as he wrestled twice winning both matches by pin. Each match was under 30 seconds.

The other three outstanding wrestlers of the day were 8th graders Cameron Collichio, Dan Ford, and Sonny Rosenthal. Phil Litz, Matt Beletti, and Robby Ballesteros extended their personal undefeated records to 10-0, 9-0, and 7-0, respectively. Other special performances were turned in by Jesse Gardner as he recorded another win with his first pin of the season, and Peter Girolami, who pinned his opponent in 30 seconds. The win gave Peter a better than 500 record. Great job to Jesse and Pete. The boys have now recorded over 140 individual wins with 93 pins. The boys really wanted this win more than any other as they know that Pearl River has always been a rival of the Dutchmen. Well, they certainly got what they wanted and they earned it.

Coach Moretti told the boys before the match that in this sport there are no shortcuts and it was that simple. The boys absorbed that, took it on to the mat, and demonstrated what it takes to be winners. Each day these boys sacrifice by giving everything they have during practices and matches and both coaches are extremely proud of how hard they work each day. Congratulations to all of the 7th and 8th grade wrestlers.

Wrestling Modified vs. East Ramapo High School

February 5, 2008

Win 48 - 5

Following a great performance on Superbowl Sunday at the Hudson Valley Invitational, the SOMS wrestlers won another one in style yesterday as they dominated East Ramapo, hence extending their unbeaten record to 11-0. Not many of the boys wrestled during the match as the opposing team did not have many wrestlers. Those that did wrestle did so with passion and a lot of heart. The boys know that the season is winding down and they are still undefeated with only two matches left to complete a perfect season. They continue to strive for great success and they are an incredible team of boys. There were only 8 matches in total and our boys won 7 of them, all coming by pin.

Coach Moretti told the boys that they had wrestled with a lot of solid technique and focus which are the keys to succeeding in this sport. The boys compiled a total of 48 points yesterday while only giving up 5 team points. They really won this one with another great effort. Honors for most-outstanding wrestler of the day have to go to Cameron Collichio. Cameron demonstrated not only technical experience, but what it takes to win with a big heart. He pinned his opponent in the first period after showing a gym filled with peers, parents, and teachers what great wrestling technique really looks like. Great job to Cameron. As a team, we have recorded over 170 wins and compiled more than 630 team points. Coach Moretti told the boys that the next week was going to tell the complete story and that now is the time to show how really wonderful and passionate this team really is. Congratulations to all the boys on another phenomenal win.

Wrestling Modified vs. Suffern High School

February 7, 2008

Win 48 - 43

The boys wrestling team mounted one of the greatest comebacks on Thursday against undefeated wrestling powerhouse Suffern Middle School. The win really demonstrated why the boys are now 12-0 with only Willow Grove Middle School to beat to complete the perfect season. After losing the first six bouts of the match, the boys were down 19 points by a score of 25-6. At this point, a win did seem gloomy and as though the boys’ undefeated season was about to slip away. For a brief moment, a win looked out of reach.

Early in the second match of the day, the action had to be stopped because 7th grader Carlos Aponte unfortunately dislocated and fractured his elbow. A silence fell over the crowd. Carlos was unbelievably brave as he lay on the mat in extreme pain. Fighting back tears, all he could muster up to say to Coach Moretti, who was kneeling beside him, was that he was sorry that he let the team down. Coach Moretti responded by telling Carlos that he was a true champion and that he was the bravest boy he had ever had the privilege of coaching. Coach Moretti then leaned down and whispered to Carlos that we were going to win this one for him. It was the first time since their match against Nanuet that the boys trailed in team points. Coach Moretti and Coach Rothschild had been preparing the boys for this very moment and this very situation. After the sixth match, Coach Moretti walked over to 8th grade captain and team leader Charlie Garcia and told him to get this team prepared and fired up for their greatest battle yet and to accept nothing less than victory. This one wasn’t over yet. Charlie spoke to his team and it was at that point when the match turned around.

The wrestlers began to rally back to win the next 6 out of 8 matches. The boys had now taken the lead by a very narrow margin of only two points. The score was now 36-34 in favor of Tappan Zee. However, it was far from over. The comeback had begun and was led by energetic 7th grader John Toher. As he ran out onto the mat, Coach Moretti told him that it was up to him to turn this match around and spark this team. Well, that is exactly what he did with a huge emotional win. He did so by pinning his opponent in the first period. The rest of the team, coaches, and Tappan Zee spectators erupted with cheers and applause as John excitedly ran off the mat with his fists pumped in the air. The boys continued to charge in the next seven matches with heart felt wins by Sergei Meyer, Frankie Caruana, Lawrence Chan, Connor Kohlbrenner, and Charlie Garcia.

One of the most exciting bouts of the day was turned in by Connor Kohlbrenner who went out there and pinned the same boy that Carlos wrestled before he had to forfeit due to injury. As he came off the mat, Coach Moretti shook Connor’s hand and told him that Carlos is going to be so proud of him. After losing the next two matches, the boys were now down 7 points by a score of 43-36 with only two bouts left. The boys confidence never wavered. They knew that this match was theirs to take. Dennis Carroll was next on the mat. He went into his match strong and confident and wrestled like a seasoned champion. He won his match by pin which closed the gap to only one point. It was now 43-42 in favor of Suffern.

The most important match of the day and season rested on the shoulders of co-captain Matt Beletti. Matt knew that his teammates undefeated season was hanging in the loom. As he approached the mat, he walked over to his coaches. Coach Moretti looked his wrestler in the eyes and simply said, “You know what you have to do. I anchored you for a reason so now go out there and show me why you are one of the captain’s on this team.” Matt shook his head and approached the center of the mat and squared off against a much bigger and heavier opponent. Matt’s commitment and confidence were never in question. On the first whistle, Matt took his opponent to the mat in the first three seconds of the match. The crowd erupted with cheers. Matt was in control and didn’t give up that control at any point. He had a difficult time turning his opponent onto his back, but after several attempts, he finally did with every last bit of energy, strength, and heart that he could muster up. With a gym filled with well-wishers, Matt kept his opponent on his back until the referee finally blew the whistle and slapped the mat with only seconds remaining.

The noise in that gym was deafening as every person on the Tappan Zee side of the gym jumped out of their seats and erupted with applause. The boys knew exactly what they had to do and they went out there and did it. Pride filled the room. The final score was 48-43 in favor of Tappan Zee. The win allowed the boys to continue their undefeated season with a 12-0 record and only one match left against Willow Grove Middle School to complete a perfect season. Smiling spectators and parents came out of the bleachers and congratulated all the boys and coaches for an exciting and incredible win.

One parent even told Coach Moretti that this match was even more exciting than watching the Giants defeat the Patriots in the Super bowl. On the return bus ride, Coach Moretti told his boys that he had never seen such an incredible display of commitment, courage, confidence, and heart all rolled into one spectacular performance. He then let out an emotional scream to let the boys know that they won this one for their fearless teammate who was being attended to at Nyack Hospital. Those words by Coach Moretti created a deafening sound of excitement and cheers by all of the wrestlers. This was an incredible and historical victory for South Orangetown, which will not soon be forgotten. Only one match now stands in the way of the perfect season for the boys. We hope to see you all at TZHS on Tuesday as the boys attempt to make SOMS wrestling history with a win against Willow Grove Middle School en route to a 13-0 undefeated season.

Season Ending Note from coach:

I wanted to take a moment to express some thoughts to let each of you know how proud we are of all the boys on this special wrestling team.  Their efforts this season were unparalleled.  This has been a remarkable and memorable season that will not soon be forgotten.

I have expressed to each of the boys that it is not the goal we have attained or the idea that we had an undefeated season, but more so, it is about the path that was taken to get to that goal.  I am a firm believer that if you do what you love, good things will follow.  Well, the boys have loved this season and this sport as have the coaches.  Good things have followed; the most important being what the boys have taken from this season.  They have learned about good character, competition, sportsmanship, hard work, dedication, commitment, and building long lasting friendships.

It has been an honor and pleasure to be a part of this incredible team and a friend, motivator, and coach to each one of these special young men.  As coaches, we are filled with pride to be part of this unit.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all of your support and for all that you do.  You have personally made my first coaching season in South Orangetown an exciting and memorable one.

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