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Paper planners are difficult to always keep with you. Plus, once you use them, you have to throw them away. Instead, organize your life, keep track of goals, and plan your business’s growth with a PowerPoint-based digital planner. Start off with PowerPoint templates and customize them for any purpose. You’ll find templates for everything from a basic daily planner to a detailed project planner with timelines. Once you’re finished with a time period or project, load the template and create a new custom planner.
While these are all free digital planner templates, they’re only for personal use. You can’t sell them. If using them for public presentations, you may need to credit the creator, which will be detailed in the template or on template’s download page.
Keep track of all your daily tasks with a daily planner. The Gradient Daily Schedule Calendar offers a variety of different daily planning layouts to meet almost any need. This would be ideal for individuals, teams, and businesses.
The simple design with vibrant colors makes it an attractive option for organizing your day. Use as many of the slides as you want based on what you need to plan.
Want to see and plan your entire week at one time? Try the Weekly Plan Template. This minimalist template has everything you need to track a full week of tasks. Enjoy a brief overview or create lists and detailed notes for every single day.
While it’s not the most colorful among PowerPoint templates, it keeps the focus on your week. Plus, it’s easy to edit and perfect for any use case.
If you’re looking for a more colorful option, check out Weekly Planner PowerPoint Template instead. It’s more complex, but perfect for those who prefer more vibrant visuals.
When you need to organize your month all in one place, use the Monthly Planner template. While it includes some basic slides, such as just a general calendar view that you can highlight or add notes to, the week-by-week notes and checklist slides help you further break down your month.
The slides stick with a basic color theme with four main tones (orange, teal, blue, and gray), but still create a beautiful and effective planner for your month. The variety of slides means you’ll have the perfect layout for your needs.
If you prefer a digital planner that covers an entire year, the Undated Personal Planner is perfect. It comes in both January to December and August to July (to correspond with a standard school year) versions. Not only does it have calendars for all 12 months, but also provides monthly overviews and to-do lists.
If you’re looking for versatile PowerPoint templates to use as a digital planner, it’s hard to go wrong here. It works well for personal, school, and business use. Since it’s undated, it’s easier to customize year after year.
Bullet journals work well as customizable planners, goal trackers, or just a way to make detailed lists. The Digital Bullet Journal PPT template is one of the best free digital planners to use for almost any purpose. There are slides for weekly and monthly views, along with notes and lists.
The colorful purple graphics stand out against a grayish background. You’re free to add your own graphics, photos, fonts, and more to make it feel like a personalized bullet journal.
Whether you’re planning your wedding, showcasing your journey as a couple, or even marketing yourself as a wedding planner, the highly versatile Our Wedding template will work well for you. While you might not need every slide, you can use the ones you want to plan out wedding details, show a presentation at your wedding, and even send out RSVPs.
This is a cute, yet effective wedding planner that can be used and customized both by couples and wedding/event planners. If you prefer a floral design, check out Floral Wedding, which offers the same features, but with a different graphic theme.
Keeping track of students and lessons isn’t always easy, but with the Teacher Digital Planner it becomes easier. This is one of the most useful PowerPoint templates for teachers and parents who homeschool. It runs from July to July. The linked version is for the current year, but you can change the dates to reuse the planner year after year.
With over 70 slides, it’s easy to find the perfect slides to plan out lessons all year long. While the planner is not filled with graphics, the bright colors make it pleasant to use and easy to distinguish between months and note pages.
Planning a major event or run an event planning company? Try the Event Party Planner Project Proposal template. This free digital planner works great for planning any type of party or proposing a party plan to clients. From an overview of the party to breaking down the budget, this template has it all. The bright and colorful theme puts viewers in a festive mood. It’s easy to customize the template for your needs.
One of the best ways to break down a goal or project is with a timeline planner. The Eight Weeks Plan Timeline template lets you break down larger tasks into eight segments. Of course, if you need a longer period, just duplicate the slides to create extra weeks.
While the planner only has nine slides, it’s highly effective and provides a way to stay on track week after week. If you want something simpler in a single slide, try the Simple Project Timeline template.
Keeping track of homework assignments, tests, events, and college planning takes the right type of planner, and that’s where the Student Digital Weekly Planner template comes in. It’s one of the best free PowerPoint templates to help students of any age stay better organized. Plus, it’s fully customizable to meet any students’ needs.
While the colors are kind of bland, those can be changed based on your preferences. It’s easy to duplicate slides for as many weeks as you need at a time. With the tabbed sections, students are able to add more details for anything they’re currently working on or need to work on.
Eating healthier and planning meals ahead becomes much simpler when you have a dedicated meal planner. The Healthy Eating Yearly Planner lets you list your favorite recipes month by month and list meals based on the day of the week and time of day.
This template is focused heavily on eating healthier and includes graphs to help you track your progress. You can use these or stick with just the weekly/monthly planners. Throughout, you’ll find various sections for nutrition details, food breakdowns, and more.
You may want to combine the Meal Planner Infographics template with this one for even more in-depth meal planning.
Marketing yourself on social media takes more than just random posts now and then. Instead, you need a solid plan for best results. The Cute Branding: Social Media Planner template is an easy to use free digital planner that breaks down your goals, growth, and overall plan into various slides.
This highly detailed planner covers every aspect of a social media campaign. You can even assign individual posts and campaigns to separate slides. While designed with businesses in mind, it works well for freelancers, influencers, and small teams too.
Whether you’re marketing events, services, or products, the Interactive Marketing Planner has everything you need to break down objectives and tasks by week, month, and year. Simple graphics put the focus on your details while still making the planner look visually appealing.
While designed with marketing in mind, this planner could easily be used for social media campaigns or even goal tracking over the course of a year. You’ll also find graphics to copy/paste at the end of the slide list.
Want a special calendar planner designed specifically for businesses? Try the Business Calendar template. This digital planner works well to track business growth, meetings, projects, deadlines, milestones, and events. Overall, this is a highly effective template for monitoring your business throughout the year.
That depends on the site you’re downloading from. While most free PowerPoint template sites require you to create a free login to download anything, there are no-signup sites also; you just need to search for them. Note that some websites limit free downloads without an account to just one or two per day.
If you’d rather not sign up to avoid being bombarded with marketing emails, consider using a temporary email address to create a quick dummy account and grab your template(s).
Most of the templates above also work on Google Slides, one of the top PowerPoint alternatives. In fact, you’ll see some sites offer separate PowerPoint and Google Slides downloads so you can grab the one that works best for you.
If you do prefer using Google over Microsoft Office, you may also want take a look at these Google Docs templates for organizing your life.
Yes. However, check with the site you’re downloading from to see if you need to include any attribution. For instance, you may need to include the site or template creator’s name somewhere on each slide or on your final slide.
If you want to use one of these templates (such as the wedding planner) for a website presentation, you will need to include attribution and usually a link back to the site. However, you can’t sell the presentation or templates.
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