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Showcase your best ideas with our free modern presentation templates. Simple and sleek — these versatile slide decks are fully customizable and easy to use.
Want to make your ideas shine with elegant, stylish slides? These free modern presentation templates provide a fresh, contemporary backdrop for your best thinking. Minimalist or with a pop of color — take your pick from Pitch’s free modern slide templates to impress your team and your clients.
A great presentation is so much more than just the content on the slides. You also need the right design to convey your ideas in a compelling way. But how do you create a beautiful, well-crafted presentation? Let’s cover some essential tips that’ll help you make a standout deck.
The perfect presentation gets your message across in an engaging way. But before you dive into designing your slide deck, you need to figure out what you want to say. Focus on distilling the message and goal of your presentation: Outline the agenda, summarize the major points that you want to share, and ​​use charts and graphs to visualize any complex data.
A great presentation tells a story — succinctly. If you have too many words on a slide, your viewers' eyes will start to glaze over. Keep the text short and sweet, and use bullets and numbers to highlight key points.
Include data to back up your key points, and display it in a way that makes sense. A pie chart is much easier to understand than the same information presented as a block of text. Pitch’s library of free presentation templates comes with a range of data visualization elements that you can easily use and customize to make your presentation look polished and professional.
A modern presentation template will enhance your story and core message. It’ll make your ideas seem relevant and forward-thinking and will keep your audience engaged.
Do you have a team meeting, sales call, funding pitch, or business plan in the works? Swap your outdated slides for our free modern presentation templates to build an effective deck in minutes.
Here’s our easy three-step guide to making a modern design presentation.
Browse Pitch’s wide selection of stylish modern presentation templates, and pick one that suits your company’s branding and style. Once you’ve made your choice, click Use this template. If it’s your first time using Pitch, you’ll need to sign up and create a free account. Then you’ll be able to customize the free presentation template you’ve chosen.
It’s time to start building your deck by mixing and matching different modern slide designs. Then you can add all the elements you need to tell your story, like bullet points, charts, images, GIFs, and videos.
Our elegant template designs come with preset color schemes, but you can also change the slide style to match your company branding. Add your company logo, and update the font and slide colors to ensure every slide stays on-brand.
Need the approval of your design team? You can invite team members and collaborate with them, so they can make sure that all your slides are on point.
That’s it — now you can start sharing your presentation for the world to see! Just click Share, and enable Public access if you’d like to send it to people outside your Pitch workspace.
Pitch’s presentation software is built for dynamic teams who value efficiency, collaboration, and design. Streamline your workflow, create a deck together or asynchronously, and keep every slide on-brand.
Our template library contains a wide array of stunning modern designs. Switch to Pitch, and see your ideas come to life.
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