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Create engaging business presentations in minutes with these flexible templates — they are free to use and extremely easy to customize.
You've got enough on your plate running a business — so why not use a professionally crafted business presentation template to save time and make presenting a breeze? Introduce your business model, annual results, or big business idea (think Shark Tank) and make a presentation with Pitch’s free business presentation templates.
Create a professional business presentation that is engaging, informative, and fun. Pitch a business idea to potential investors and partners, introduce your new or existing business model, or present all the exciting plans lined up for the year ahead.
Business presentations help you map out your company’s successes and future projects. They can be a dealmaker (or breaker) for potential investors, and they keep stakeholders, partners, and employees in the loop about what’s on the horizon. 🌅
Ready to show off all angles of your business? You can create slides in any slideshow tool, or you can use one of Pitch’s ready-made templates. Hit Use this template and start adding your visuals, text, and brand's colors and fonts. When you're ready to get a second pair of eyes on your presentation, bring in team members to help you.
Pitch has professional presentations that fit every size of business. Use these templates to confidently present your Startup Business Plan, pitch your new Business Proposal, or lay out your value propositions within a Business Model Canvas. The hard part is choosing a template!
The best business presentations often include a slide with a mission statement and value propositions, which help potential partners, investors, and employees know if your business is a good fit for them. Adding a slide that highlights your key differentiators can also help your audience understand product-market fit and your target market. If you’re requesting funding, make sure to include slides that show financial statements and growth projections.
Make sure your business presentation is as awesome as the products and services you create. Here are some tips to improve your content, polish your design, and persuade potential investors, employees, or partners to say yes.
Before you start working on your business presentation, think about who you’re talking to. Investors will be interested in the numbers, whereas potential collaborators will want to see your go-to-market strategy.
Show your potential investors and collaborators that you’ve done your homework and are aware of the potential pitfalls. Adding a Competitive Landscape slide can really impress your audience.
Tell the story of why your product or service is different in the Key Differentiator slide. Then highlight why you’re the right people to bring this new solution to market on the Management team and Operations slides. Potential employees will also be keen to learn how you work together to bring your amazing idea to life.
To start editing a business presentation template, click Use this template. If it’s your first time using Pitch, just sign up for a free account — it’s as easy as pie. Add all the slides to your deck, or cherry-pick the right ones for you. Create and edit charts for your financial analysis and projections, and collaborate on slides with live video or audio.
Once your business presentation is ready, it’s time to wow your audience — whether you present in an office, remotely with live video collaboration, or via a link for everyone to catch up async.
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