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Our investment experience, leadership and culture help us provide world-class, client-focused service.
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We work with you to create a tailored investment portfolio designed to help you achieve your financial goals.
The 15-Minute Retirement Plan
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We are one of the nation’s largest investment advisers serving small and mid-sized businesses.
Questions To Ask When Evaluating A Plan Advisor
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We serve a diverse group of institutional clients around the world including pension funds, governments, foundations, and endowments.
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Gain valuable insights on current market topics and issues from our seasoned team of investing professionals
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Determine How Much You Need to Save for Retirement
At Fisher, we redefine what it means to be a partner in retirement.
Better Advice, Better Outcomes
Higher employee participation rates 1
Higher plan participant savings rate 2
Lower fund fees 3
Our advisory model maximizes for value generation, so less of your fee goes to non-wealth generating services.
Fisher never accepts commissions, always putting your interests first. Some plans pay 3X more on fund fees because many brokers/advisors select funds that pay higher commissions.
Some plans pay 2X more on recordkeeper and TPA fees because their broker/plan advisor select vendors that pay higher commissions.
Fisher never accepts commissions, always putting your interests first. As a result, we champion your needs to get more out of your vendors, without increasing costs.

We are champions for the needs of small businesses. And because we specialize in small business retirement plans, we have the knowledge, resources and clout to help you get more out of your vendors without increasing costs. It’s like moving from economy to first class at little or no additional cost.

As one of America’s top financial advisers, we work with you to optimize your retirement program and provide ongoing one-on-one financial guidance to maximize wealth creation.

Our servicing solutions focus on doing everything we can for you. From acting as a single point-of-contact for your plan to selecting your investments, we provide services that many other advisors can’t or won’t provide.

Incentive structures that are aligned with your success. No revenue sharing, no kick-backs or commissions. When you do better, we do better.
We break down your existing plan fees—how much you pay and to whom—and compare them to the industry average and what you could be paying with Fisher.
We benchmark the fees and services of your plan relative to similar plans in the industry.
We analyze your current plan features, and help you understand how these features work.
We do customized projections showing what a particular plan type could look like for your specific business (including cost-benefits).
Receive an analysis of the quality and cost of your existing lineup and how it compares to industry benchmarks, and what you could be paying with Fisher.
Call us at (844) 238-1247 or
One of our 401(k) business specialists would love to talk to you about your company’s retirement plan needs.
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1 Average increase in employee participation rates as of 12/31/21
2 Average increase in employee contribution rates as of 12/31/21
3 The fund fees calculation is based on data gathered for 500+ retirement plans considering hiring Fisher between January 2022 and June 2022. Improvement is measured by taking the mean of the actual fees paid by the prospect to fund investment managers for their existing fund lineup and comparing it to the mean of the estimated fund fees of the Fisher proposed fund lineup.
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Investing in securities involves a risk of loss. Past performance is never a guarantee of future returns.
Investing in foreign stock markets involves additional risks, such as the risk of currency fluctuations.

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