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Before you jump right into business ownership, you need a plan. Since December is National Write a Business Plan Month, it’s the perfect opportunity to determine the steps and strategies needed to propel your ideas forward.
While there are many types of planning that tend to benefit new entrepreneurs, the traditional business plan is often the first step. If you’re not sure where to start in creating this document, check out this post for tips.
How to Write a Business Plan
Business plans in different industries tend to vary in their contents. So once you have the basics covered, it’s time to look at some information specific to your industry. For example, a restaurant business plan needs to focus on menu creation, local marketing strategies, and a competitive analysis of other local eateries. Get more specifics in this post on restaurant business planning.
The A-Z of Writing a Restaurant Business Plan
The agriculture industry often provides food for restaurants. Or they may work with wholesalers, grocery stores, or farmers markets. This is just one of the aspects of running a small farm that may be covered in an agricultural business plan. This post includes other elements to consider.

How to Create a Farm Business Plan
If you’re thinking of starting a salon, your business plan should focus more on creating a service list and procuring clients. Read this post for more tips aimed at those in the beauty industry.
How to Create a Salon Business Plan
Food trucks have gained significant popularity in recent years. Many food entrepreneurs choose this model over traditional restaurants due to the flexibility and cost savings. But you still need a specific menu, marketing plan, and equipment in your business plan. Get all the details for creating your own food truck business plan here.
How to Start a Food Truck Business Plan
How has your business plan shaped your company’s story? We always love hearing from businesses about their unique planning strategies and challenges, and sharing your stories with our small business readership. Reach out to our editorial team using this form to share your unique story with our readers.

In addition, we’re always looking to feature businesses that offer products or services relevant to our small business readers. If you offer business planning templates, consulting services, or expertise, share your company details with us here to be considered for an upcoming feature.
We also offer advertising opportunities for businesses that want to promote their planning services or expertise with our small business readership. Here, you can learn all about our paid media opportunities and then reach out to our team to create an advertising plan.

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