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March 25, 2014
Once a new business concept receives initial approval, the first thing you’ll need is a comprehensive business plan containing well-defined metrics, and an in-depth analysis of the proposed endeavor. Our Business Plan Template is a ready-to-use Word document that incorporates every element of an effective plan. Use it to evaluate and prepare for any new business implementation. 
By downloading our template, you’ll also get updated suggested resources that demonstrate how you can use the resources and data available within your Advisory Board membership, like our inpatient and outpatient market estimators.
Effective executive summaries should “sell” the proposed idea by providing a concise (less than two pages) assessment of key plan components.
The first projection made when developing a business plan is an analysis of potential market volume. Volume forecasting estimates the total market size and the hospital’s likely share, given its position within the competitive landscape.
Program champions should solicit ideas and input from marketing staff during the plan development process to outline likely market response upon plan implementation develop the marketing campaign.
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