DFSA unveils 2023-24 business plan – Gulf News

As part of the plan, DFSA will pursue several projects across multiple strategic themes
The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) unveiled a new two-year plan to foster an enabling environment for firms as Dubai and the UAE continue to grow their reputation as a financial services hub, the authority said on Monday.
As part of the business plan, approved by Fadel Al Ali, Chairman of DFSA, the authority will be pursuing several key projects that cut across multiple strategic themes. The DFSA will further enhance its policy framework through the implementation of international standards, ongoing development of its support for trading venues and markets and strengthening its regime for the protection of client assets to maintain the integrity of the DIFC financial services industry.
The business plan 2023-24 covers four strategic themes to meet the DFSA’s statutory objectives for the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), including establishing and maintaining the DIFC’s reputation as a leading global financial centre.
Fadel Al Ali said: “The DFSA’s 2023-2024 Business Plan builds upon our commitment to international standards, high quality regulation and best practices to foster an enabling environment to support the DIFC’s continued growth and that of Dubai and UAE economies. The nation’s leadership continues to demonstrate a future-focused vision for the prosperity of the country and this clarity of vision and purpose continues to guide our role and understanding of the part we play as the DFSA moves towards its 20th anniversary.”

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