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One Michigan mom has parents around the country coming together with an unusual request — and it involves heavy sedation.
Kalin Sheick, a mom of three in northern Michigan, wakes up each morning and enjoys her coffee while chatting on Instagram stories with customers of her business, Sweetwater Floral.
One morning, Sheick discussed a business idea she had for new moms. The response was “overwhelmingly positive” on Instagram stories, so she decided to post the mock business plan for postpartum women to TikTok.
“We need a service where you go into a medically induced coma and while you’re in that coma after you’ve had a baby, they do everything for you,” Sheick describes in the now-viral TikTok, which has amassed more than 200,000 views.
“You get hair color, OK? You get a little Botox if that’s your vibe. You get a facial. You get lashed. You get your teeth whitened,” she says. “And they buy you a new wardrobe that fits, that is stylish, but age appropriate. And then you wake up and you’re like ‘Thank you, do you take American Express?'”
But Sheick wasn’t finished.
“I’m forgetting two very important things while you’re in there,” she says as the TikTok ends. “You get a Brazilian wax and they do your taxes.”
More than 900 people weighed in on Sheick’s idea in the comments.
“Honestly I was sold on just the coma,” one user wrote.
Another chimed in, “When are appointments available?”
Other parents shared additions they’d like to see in the plan.
“Also any of the formalities like filing for a birth certificate and adding the baby to your health insurance,” one wrote.
Another user commented, “I need a spray tan too.”
“And nails!!!” one mom added.
Users even suggested names for the service, including “The Sleeping Beauty Special” and “Wax ‘N’ Tax.”
Sheick tells that having three kids in three years has given her perspective on being a mom.
“I’ve really been in tune to how when you have a baby you’re just sort of tossed back into the world after having this crazy experience,” she says.
She never anticipated her “business plan” would be such a hit.
“I thought if a couple people related that would be awesome,” Sheick tells “The things that people are adding as à la carte services just shows that moms, in particular, we want to feel taken care of and pampered a little bit after putting our bodies out there for such a transformative event.”
Sheick says that though the internet can often be divisive, this is one idea bringing people together.
“Not many people can agree on one thing anymore,” she says. “But we seem to be in agreement we should all go to the coma spa.”
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