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Following the successful conclusion of the first season of Shark Tank India, the second season is also receiving significant media attention. The popular and entertaining show is now airing on Sony TV. In every episode, the show features many budding business owners presenting their ventures in front of the show’s judges, or “sharks,” who are renowned business people.
Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal, Amit Jain, and Anupam Mittal are the judges for Shark Tank India 2. The Sharks have encountered a number of unusual and intriguing pitches this season as well.
While most of the time, featured businesses strive hard to bag investments from sharks, recently a pitch appeared on the show that made sharks strive to invest in it. The pitch is about electric vehicles, and if the sharks’ opinions are to be believed, then it will bring revolution to the automobile industry.
After hearing its proposal, all the sharks got into a fight and offered an open deal, and not so surprisingly, the intriguing and exciting business get its dream deal on the show. This deal’s strength is undeniably apparent after viewing the channel’s promotional video in its entirety.
Taking to Instagram, the official Twitter account of Sony TV wrote,
“First time ever on Shark Tank India! A business gets open offers from the Sharks?”
In a brand-new Shark Tank India 2 teaser, Kalpit describes how his electric automobile would start a revolution. He characterized the car as “easy, everyday.” In exchange for a 1% stake, he requested Rs 1 crore.
In another promo, all the “sharks” were seen making an open offer to a businessman. Peyush addresses the pitcher at the start of the commercial, saying,
“You had come for Rs 50 lakhs. Aapko Rs 1 cr chahiye ya 2 cr chahiye, aap vo lelo aur aapki valuation pe”
Aman then added,
“It has never happened before, people are giving you an open offer.”
Peyush goes so far as to offer the entrepreneur a blank cheque.
First time ever on Shark Tank India! A business gets open offers from the Sharks? #SharkTankIndia season 2 streaming now on Sony LIV, also available on Sony Entertainment Television.
— Shark Tank India (@sharktankindia) January 26, 2023

The pitcher revealed that he visited many garages, opened many automobiles, and saw what was inside. The inventor then demonstrated how his invention, the car that can be driven even when you are not inside, is controlled via an app.
Then Aman Gupta questioned him if the automobile would be more affordable than a CNG-powered vehicle. To this, Kalpit said,
“Yes sir aath aane mein chalegi.”
Before proposing a contract, Peyush and Anupam praised Kalpit. For 5% equity, Namita proposed a price of Rs 70 lakh. A united offer came from Vineeta and Aman. They claimed they could provide Rs 70 lakh in exchange for 2.95% equity. Anupam Mittal placed a bid of Rs 60 lakhs for 4% equity and Rs 40 lakhs in debt, opting to bet on the person rather than the vehicle.
After hearing his tale, Anupam changed his proposal and eliminated the loan element, making it read as Rs 1 crore for 6.67% equity. The updated offer, nevertheless, is turned down by Kalpit. Despite returning empty-handed, Kalpit’s story won the sharks over.
This #RepublicDay, the pitchers from #PMVElectric, #SpiceStory and #Bullspree parade into the Tank with their creative ideas and cutting-edge innovation.
Don’t forget to tune into #SharkTankIndia Season 2, tonight at 10 pm on Sony Entertainment Television & Sony LIV.
— sonytv (@SonyTV) January 26, 2023




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