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Building on the Body Worn Camera rollout last year, the Saskatoon Police Service will be doubling the amount from 40 to 80 this year. The 2023 budget for the Police Service allocated $182,000 for the 40 cameras and associated equipment and licensing costs. That’s just one of the 120 items listed in the Police Service’s Business Plan which was presented to the Board of Police Commissioners this afternoon (Thurs.)
Other key activities highlighted by the Executive Director of the Police Service, Michele Arscott, include increased use of data and analytics to ensure a more focused approach on offenders and locations, researching and implementing a comprehensive Crime Gun Strategy, and developing and implementing a Cyber Strategy to reduce online fraud and cyber crimes. On the restorative justice side, another part of the plan is to find alternatives for offenders with minimal criminal history so they can still accept the responsibility for a crime, but without going to court.
As well at the meeting, the Board approved keeping Chief Troy Cooper on for a few more years. He began as Saskatoon’s Police Chief on January 11th of 2018 and his contract continues until the end of February this year. Mayor Charlie Clark, who is one of the commissioners on the board, says Cooper has been effective in his position and has been through what has been a very challenging few years, globally. He suggests Cooper has the right personality, the approach, the community-mindedness and the strategic acumen for the job. Cooper’s new contract begins March 1st and runs until the end of 2025.
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