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Secure private community supports task essential and business packages for IoT and cell gadgets.

Ideal for Mission CriticalApplications

Forget steeply-priced LAN deployments or WANs that lack business aid talents. With Monogoto’s private LTE/5G solution, powered with the aid of our global cell cloud, you could run a value-effective community with full operational and enterprise manage.

Deploy your non-public LTE/5G community and join crucial devices and programs, even as taking part in high-quality wireless performance, low-latency and QoS warranty.

With a restricted amount of small mobile installations, you could run hundreds of steady simultaneous connections. 

Monogoto’s personal LTE/5G solution fits licensed, unlicensed, and shared spectrum frequencies. To examine more approximately non-public community spectrum frequencies click HERE.

Monogoto’s personal LTE/5G solution addresses the missing puzzle portions that IT/OT departments need.

Control your LTE or 5G network the identical manner you control your WiFi network using Monogoto’s self-provider control equipment. Apply precise guidelines for one-of-a-kind eventualities, steady your devices, manage community bandwidth, and set up your LTE/5G network in line with your existing community topology.

Ease your day-to-day work using our user-pleasant self-service surroundings, even if you don’t have expert telecom expertise.

Full Visibility and Built-In Security

Get complete community visibility and real-time anomaly detection on any network occasion as in case you are the mobile operator yourself. Create your personal set of community cutting policies for a couple of SIM businesses primarily based on IP and signaling site visitors.

Monogoto’s platform improves any cellular modem’s safety abilties. Simply insert Monogoto’s resilient SIM card into each stop tool, after which assign a selected safety profile and package (voice, SMS, statistics allowance).

Protect your network from cyber-assaults and set computerized alerts to harden your network safety.

Any Cellular Spectrum, 5G Ready

With Monogoto’s personal LTE/5G-as-a-provider solution, organizations can run their private LTE or 5G community on licensed spectrums including 3G and 4G LTE along with unlicensed or shared spectrums along with three.5 GHz CBRS.

Monogoto is the appropriate answer for companies that want the blessings of a WAN with superior enterprise and operational support. Our cellular cloud network-based answer presents improved flexibility, heightened safety, and real community cutting with SLA and QoS, paving the street to 5G connectivity.

To analyze greater approximately private community spectrum frequencies click on HERE.

Let’s Plan Your Private LTE NetworkLet’s Plan Your Private LTE Network(Contact us)

Because private LTE/5G makes use of dedicated device and is independent of visitors fluctuation, it offers best connectivity for IoT programs and services. It gives groups an unbiased employer-grade wi-fi community with all the advantages of LTE/5G, which includes: statistics privateness, superior safety, community flexibility, low latency, first-rate of service, and community resiliency. Plus it is  a price-powerful answer. Adopting non-public LTE/5G opens up possibilities for multiple programs with distinct levels of carrier requirements. Global organisation groups, utilities and mining industries, airports, ports, sport centers, campuses and extra are already adopting this connectivity generation, lowering expenses, and growing efficiency.

Includes cloud, neighborhood or a mixture of connectivity with a self-service console and complete API get entry to. Data and/or signaling can be saved nearby or despatched to the cloud. 

Access points (eNodeB for LTE or gNodeB for 5G) which assist a couple of simultaneous LTE/5G connections. Can be established in rural places or high-density areas.

We provide a whole lot of SIM card sizes to healthy any IoT tool, along with regular (UICC), embedded (eUICC) and incorporated (iUICC) SIM card form factors.

Alerts based on network activities

Signalling and IP firewalls

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