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Seeking to bolster makers, creators, hobbyists and in-home business ventures, Blue Earth’s Rural Entrepreneurial Venture (REV) organization plans to debut an Entrepreneur Project this spring. The project will provide entrepreneurs who are currently working out of their homes the chance to learn from established entrepreneurs in the community.
The two-phase project will offer area entrepreneurs opportunities to consult with experienced mentors to develop a business plan and learn about lending, inventory and marketing. Participants will also have the option of participating in a local pop-up market.
Phase One of the project consists of five weeks of classroom-style learning with speakers, activities and exercises. This phase of the project is free, and is open to community members who fit at least one of the following criteria: they own a company, provide a service or product that has a sales history, they have the capacity to build inventory for a pop-up market, or they are knowledgeable about their product or service.
However, the program is not open to direct sales companies or products, network marketing companies or products, or multi-level marketing companies.
The five classes offered during Phase One will take place at the Blue Earth Senior Center from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. every Wednesday in March.
“We realize that many of these individuals will not be looking to transform into business owners,” REV notes on its website. “However, our goal is to show these makers, creators, providers, etc., how to safely grow and prosper at their tempo.”
Following the five-week course offered through Phase One, Entrepreneur Project participants have several options available to them, depending on their level of readiness to take their small business to the next level.
If they wish, participants can take part in Phase Two of the project: a local pop-up market. However, participants who decide to curb their participation at Phase One will still leave the program with opportunities to apply for micro-loans and inventory grants through the Huisman Family Fund, established repertoire with local entrepreneurs and a business plan which will serve as a living document for participants to use in any capacity of their interest.
“REV recognizes that entrepreneurs and business owners thrive when their talents and expertise are recognized and encouraged,” REV says on its website. “This is also true for individuals that may not realize the potential their craft, art, hobby or side-gig has to provide entrepreneurial opportunities.”
Those who are interested in signing up for REV’s Entrepreneur Project can find the application at Applications must be submitted to City Hall, 125 W. Sixth Street in Blue Earth, by Wednesday, Feb. 15, to be considered.
Seeking to bolster makers, creators, hobbyists and in-home business ventures, Blue Earth’s Rural Entrepreneurial …
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