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After witnessing the recent alarming burnout among realtors, Courtney Kattengell began providing realtors one-on-one coaching, retreats, workshops, and other services. Her Realtor's Business Planning Clinic 2023, scheduled for Friday, January 20, 2023, from 10 am to 11:30 am, offers an online opportunity for Realtors to dive into their business model, improve its efficiency, and grow with success.
NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — After nearly two decades, Courtney Kattengell, owner of Righting Real Estate, is convinced that real estate is the most exciting field. She says the industry hurls fresh challenges and opportunities daily, and she loves making order out of the chaos. After witnessing the recent alarming burnout among realtors, she began providing one-on-one coaching, retreats, workshops, and other services to realtors.
The Realtor's Business Planning Clinic 2023, scheduled for Friday, January 20, 2023, from 10 am to 11:30 am via zoom, will offer an online opportunity for Realtors to dive into their business model, improve its efficiency and grow with success. "Many of us are worried about the market shift and how that will affect our businesses, but with a formal written business plan, failure isn't an option. I have operated a high-level real estate business with my business partner for years. We attribute much of our success to our business planning strategies and our intentional efforts to bring what is in the plan forward, making it tangible and realistic," Kattengell says. "I want to share my knowledge and help other realtors succeed." From mission statements to budgets and everything in between, the Business Planning Clinic seeks to help Realtors succeed in 2023 with a business plan template! The cost of the workshop is $25 for 90 minutes of invaluable knowledge, resources, and templates. Payments are accepted via Venmo: courtney-kattengell-1 or Paypal: @CourtneyKattengell.
Trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, Kattengell is experienced in addressing the business "disorders" of stress and burnout. The individual coaching, seminars, workshops, and retreats she offers are all part of the successful Righting Real Estate method. Through her well-thought-out and purposeful workshops, she dives into the harsh realities of the real estate industry. Especially now, with the housing market shifting, the stress of the industry can really affect the relationships realtors have with themselves and others. But with Kattengell as their guide, participants have reported feeling recharged after her workshop or retreats possessing a new awareness of how and why they interact with others the way they do. This insight paves the way for them to experience tremendous personal and professional success.
"There is a point where Real Estate Agents feel like they hit a ceiling and can no longer grow on their own, or if they are growing, they are possibly neglecting other parts of their lives," Kattengell says, "I define 'burnout' as a loss of energy, both mental and physical, that makes it difficult to keep hustling. It can come on slowly or suddenly, and it's more prevalent than many people like to admit. I like to think of Righting Real Estate as an intersection where your on-the-grind entrepreneur self meets your healthy self-confidence and becomes rooted in the garden of your self-worth".
As a top realtor and trailblazing business coach, Kattengell understands the often-devastating demands of success. She describes herself as a Realtor, Associate Broker, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Provider, Organizer of all things, Vacation Planner, Carpool Scheduler, Laundry Do-er, Partner, Board Member, Volunteer, Room Captain, Grocery Shopper, Extraordinaire, Meal Planner, Bill Payer, Homework Helper, and Kid Shuffler.
Righting Real Estate was designed with what Kattengell refers to as her "Boss B*tch" entrepreneurs in mind. She helps her clients address the high-octane work demands in the real estate industry with an intersectional therapeutic platform. "The crossover from personal to business life is blurred like never before, and there is no cookie-cutter coaching program that addresses an individual realtor's needs," Kattengell says about her tailor-made programs. "Each coaching client comes with different experiences, both in life and professionally, which lends itself to different coping mechanisms and blind spots. Together, we will evaluate your needs and build a system that works for you."
During the height of the pandemic, Kattengell worked with realtors and small business owners to help them get back on the path to personal and business success. Her services include individual coaching sessions, in-person or through Zoom. Kattengell offers a free 30-minute consultation to help her identify which areas require attention. "Individual coaching will focus on your goals and work on issues blocking you from being your best self and living your highest potential," Kattengell says. After the initial consult, realtors or business owners can sign up for weekly or bi-weekly sessions.
In addition to interpersonal work, Kattengell spreads her message at speaking engagements. She is available to host a retreat, corporate meeting, or conference and will customize the topics to fit the group's requests. Guest speaker topics vary from the nuts and bolts of real estate to more interpersonal topics like mental health and wellness, healing from the inside out, self-care, and more.
Paige DeVries, who Kattengell worked with as a professional coach and mentor, says of her sessions: "When I was a new real estate agent, she absolutely set me up for success. One of Courtney's great skills is her ability to listen to my individual goals and insightfully look at my current business practice and find areas for development. The advice she gives is always practical, specific, and achievable. Her counseling considers my interests and strengths as she draws from her professional expertise to craft a game plan for success. I am grateful that I worked with Courtney early in my career because it has given me insight into how to grow my business in a way that aligns with my personality and values and has set me on the path to a career doing something I love."
Is it time to reflect, revise, and recharge? Could your bottom-line benefit from some personalized therapy with an empathetic touch? Visit our website or send Righting Real Estate a message to courtney@rightingrealestate.com today to find out how reframing your false and overcritical perceptions can boost your "A" game.
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