Succession Planning, Part 1

Flying a plane is a really complicated activity that calls for great amounts of training. Yet, when a pilot is all of sudden unavailable, the airline normally locates every other pilot who’s equally qualified to fly the plane, and the flight goes off with nothing greater than a minor delay.

Is it viable for the same type of seamless transition when the leader compliance officer retires or quits? Or if any key member of our compliance group leaves?

Unfortunately, the solution is some distance too often “no.” And the cause is that a compliance program is extraordinary than a system, even a completely complicated one, that a person can be trained to function. The pilot doesn’t have to talk to and convince the plane to fly well; it responds to the controls and switches that the pilot operates.

But in compliance, fulfillment is based closely on relationships, communication, negotiation, and persuasion. Plugging a new person into a dating gets complicated. Learning the technical components of a compliance application (e.g., threat evaluation, education, tracking and auditing plans) is simple by means of evaluation. Building the relationships which might be essential to the achievement of a program is extra time-ingesting.

In small businesses, succession planning will inherently be greater hard than in large ones. But, whenever feasible, setting up relationships with a couple of individuals of the compliance team, specifically if there is an recognized successor to a particular function, allows to ensure a smoother transition when someone leaves the team.

In May, Katherine Eilers and Tammy Jelinek, from accounting and consulting organization Wipfli, mentioned succession as a part of SCCE & HCCA’s Nonprofit Sector Compliance Conference.[1] Importantly, Eilers and Jelinek outstanding proactive succession making plans from reactive substitute making plans.

The pleasant compliance programs are those that might keep to function effectively in the event of a sudden departure, even if that departure is the leader compliance officer. The pleasant leaders are individuals who position themselves as valued and applicable, however no longer simply vital to the continued operation of the program. You want your business enterprise to strongly choose that you stay, however you don’t need the employer to sense that the program could fail if you left. It takes a sturdy and secure leader to try this, however that’s an important first step to succession making plans.

Next month I’ll talk another essential aspect of succession and compliance.

1 Katherine Eilers and Tammy Jelinek, “People and Compliance: Challenges in Nonprofit Organizations,” Nonprofit Sector Compliance Conference, May 24, 2022, situations-nonprofit-corporations-zero.


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