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Guest Author | January 28, 2023 9:00 AM ET
As an entrepreneur, you can be your own boss and make decisions that benefit your own business.
This can range from choosing who you network with, who you bring onto your team, and what ideas to turn into reality and profit from. For most, hearing about the opportunity of owning your own schedule is enough to convince you that entrepreneurship is the move to make.
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Remote work experienced a boom in recent years – 16% of businesses in the United States are now fully remote. This new window of freedom is one many entrepreneurs are opening and taking full advantage of as they chase both professional and personal goals.
However, a lot of problems can arise when a business leader is absent or less available as they travel. It’s important to make sure that every time you pack your bags, your business is equipped with everything it needs to keep running smoothly. Making sure your partners and employees won’t feel abandoned as you jet-set to the next location on your bucket list, is a must.

As a business owner, it’s essential to prioritize and plan to ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently, especially when you have limited availability as you travel. To do this, you should start by identifying and setting goals that you want to achieve. Based on these goals, you can then create a plan of action that’ll enable you to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.
If you are a solo entrepreneur you’ll have to weigh these goals against how much you want to travel during the calendar year. If your goals are high, requiring more hours of work to execute product launches, marketing, and networking, you’ll have less time to take trips and possibly less money to budget for the trips you want to take as you seek to grow your business.
It’s important to use key performance indicators to track progress, set reminders, and delegate tasks across your team to ensure everything is completed on time. Set aside time during your downtime to regularly review and reassess your goals and plan of action to ensure they are still relevant to your business and that you are on track to meeting them. By prioritizing and planning, you can ensure that your business remains organized and efficient.

No matter what stage your business is at, you must stay connected with everyone involved. Technology can be the bane of our existence some days but as innovations take place in business tech, customer management tools, project management, and workflow software all make it possible to keep individuals, teams, and entire corporations organized.
By investing in communication tools you can keep your business from falling behind as you travel across time zones. Don’t let a limited budget keep you from gaining access to useful tools! Find extra funds for your business that allow you to purchase yearly subscriptions or even up-to-date hardware such as laptops and cell phones to keep everyone on your team connected. This can allow not just you, but your entire team the freedom to travel whenever and wherever they want.

Many of us can benefit from learning the best ways and times to say ‘no’. It could be turning down an extra project because you and your team are already strapped for manpower or the mental bandwidth to do it justice. Or, it could mean saying ‘no’ to traveling so you can focus on time-sensitive deadlines or major transitions in the life of your business.
The context of saying ‘no’ is usually associated with turning down something we don’t want to do that we would have reluctantly taken on otherwise. As business owners, however, we have the tough responsibility of turning down the things we do want to do because we have to make sure we are managing our time wisely for not only ourselves but the good of the company we decided to start.

Being a business owner and a traveler, having to adapt to new ecosystems can be quite challenging. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay open and flexible. Be ready to take on different cultures and customs. Try to read up on the area before traveling there, so you can have a better understanding of the culture. It’s also important to stay respectful of the locals and their customs; it’ll show them that you understand and appreciate where they come from.
When it comes to working in a new environment, it’s important to be courteous and patient. In addition, try to network with colleagues in your field to ensure a better understanding of the local business environment.
Find the less-traveled streets and seek out opportunities to make meaningful connections with locals. Traveling offers a unique opportunity to get a perspective on life and business in ways you never thought possible, so soak it up!
Keep a journal detailing the places you’ve seen and summarize how each culture approaches work. You never know what inspiration you’ll gain while sitting at a small cafe, or watching people on their morning commutes in a large city.
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