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Here are some helpful free resources and some paid tools that may be worth the investment to you.
Application instructions, commercialization plan examples, guidance for indirect rate submissions, level of effort worksheets and more.
Application instructions, SBIR/STTR project timeline, phases of funding, identified benefits and needs of the SBIR/STTR program.
Application instructions, agency introductions, and a general overview of what the SBIR program has to offer.
Overview of the two small business grant programs offered by the United States Air Force.
Covers how to gather funding and how to construct a pitch, how to utilize the NIH’s resources to your advantage, and how to construct a functioning high-tech small business.
SBIR/STTR Phase III guidance is intended to be utilized by Program Managers (PMs) and Deputy Program Managers (DPMs); Procuring and Administrative Contracting Officers (KOs); and small business professionals to realize mission objectives, program requirements, and small business goals.
The TABA Needs Assessment Report provides a third party, unbiased assessment of a Phase I project’s progress in technical and business areas that are critical to success in the competitive healthcare marketplace. It analyzes the current state of your Phase I project and identifies strengths and weaknesses.
Extensive coverage of the process behind applying for a DOE-specific SBIR/STTR grant and the many questions that potential applicants may have.
This is a paid tool to help you find awards that fit your situation; prepare and submit a proposal, and maximize your funding. They also provide a platform to work with your team members, samples of winning submissions, templates and access to grant writers. There are different payment models starting around $500.
SBIR proposal samples for NSF, NIH, NASA and DOE for around $30 to $40.
This is an extensive collection of multimedia tutorials covering all of the information you’ll need for the application process, including the details about the nuances of the individual agency’s programs.
Templates and samples to aid in the preparation of deliverables.
Sample “exceptional” NIH applications and summary statements.
National occupational and wage information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
A detailed walk-through of all of the e-series forms required for NIH SBIR and STTR applications.
This program serves underrepresented entrepreneurs in the biomedical sciences applying for Phase I funding and provides mentoring, application preparation support and review.
Free application assistance for first time DOE SBIR and STTR applicants.



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