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Job Title: Project Management Officer (PMO) Lead         
Department:  Information Technology
Classification: Exempt/Salary                                                 
Reports to:  Chief Information Officer
Job Qualifications:
Job Summary:
The PMO has the responsibility to maintain benchmarks for all aspects of project management and business analysis. They will ensure that all the processes, operations and quality of deliverables are implemented efficiently so that each initiative is managed “on-time & on-budget”.
The PMO ensures that all processes, tools, and standards are being followed for all projects and the timely reevaluation of the effectivemess of these tools.
The PMO is responsible for complete financial and operational reporting to the CIO on all aspects of project proposals, execution and sign-off.
Job Duties:

This position ranges from $95,000/year, $47.50/hour, or more, depending on experience and/or other factors.
Job Title:
Project Management Officer (PMO) Lead
Yakima Chief Hops
Employment Type:
Full Time
$95,000.00 per Year
Industry Sectors:
Beer – General/Other Jobs

Date Posted:
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